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High Point Market HATtags

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Take a look at the new products from the fall 2014 High Point Market that the Home Accents Today team awarded with HATtags. See the photos

Market Highlights

HAT Digital Cover for August 2014

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  • Alexa Boschini

    Millennial Musings

    Alexa Boschini

    November 19, 2014

    High Point panel tackles ‘Boomers vs. Millennials’

    During the October High Point Market, interior designer Michelle Jennings Wiebe moderated a panel discussion that explored the differences and similarities between selling to Baby Boomers and Millennials as part of the Design Viewpoints Series. “Boomers vs. Millennials: The Great Debate” featured Mitzi Beach, designer and author of Boomer Smarts Boomer Power, and retailer Dianne Ray of Garden City Furniture discussing the design demands of their Boomer customers, while interior designer Denise McGaha and Shay Geyer, designer at the retail store IBB Design Fine Furnishings, tackled the Millennial perspective. “Millennials have been called the ‘selfie generation,’ perhaps self-involved, perhaps narcissistic ...

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  • Susan Dickenson

    Retail Update

    Susan Dickenson

    November 10, 2014

    Adobe data shows online prices are lowest on Thanksgiving Day

    Adobe just released the results of a massive online shopping report, considered the most comprehensive compilation of such data in the industry. The data analyzes more than one trillion visits to 4,500 retail websites over the last six years, and the more than $7 out of $10 spent online with the top 500 U.S. retailers that are measured by Adobe Marketing Cloud. Based on this data, Adobe’s 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping Forecast includes the following predictions: + Online prices will hit rock bottom on Thanksgiving Day with an average discount of 24%, lower than any other day ...

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  • Kristin Sprague

    Digital Dexterity

    Kristin Sprague

    November 4, 2014

    Keeping the E-wolf at Bay

    You can huff and puff but you can’t blow this brick and mortar store down. Brick is the new black! Even Amazon has noticed it, which is evident in its October 2014 announcement that it plans to open local store fronts. So why is Brick the new Black? One key reason: local shopping can offer an optimal customer experience. Yes, it’s hard to ignore the tremendous growth online retailers have experienced powered by laptops, tablets and smartphones, thus making Amazon and the like, billion-dollar beasts. So how could brick and mortar ever keep the big bad wolf at ...

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New Products

  • USA Premium Leather


    The company's newest contemporary home theater group features a raspberry leather cover. USA PREMIUM LEATHER
    C-1440, C-1432

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