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What's new and hot on the NYC retail scene

WhatAmethyst, the color and the legend, were meaningful to both the Romans and the Greeks. So suited, was it, to those who studied beauty and design, that its name and allure still hold a place in modern arrangement. Examples of this beautiful hue and its place among the fall trends can be seen at my favorite store on Park Avenue, Maison 24.
     Here, the classical settings mesh with amethystshaded punk themes in examples of stunning design. Worlds apart, the stunning skull pillows and tinted tableware nod in cheeky agreement with luxury statues and ponyhide furniture, all in this tremendous fall color. The subtle amethyst hue accents the home in a way that calms and soothes, and it certainly has a role in summer's end and fall's trendy beginning.

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      The caprices of fashion have also turned to the classical this season as skins such as shagreen, crocodile, lizard and python make a reappearance. In shades ranging from pale gray to rich brown, home décor in these faux exotic coverings are being hailed as fall staples. They appear on coasters, pillows, desk sets, placemats and more.
Perhaps, then, it is no surprise to see the classical in even more manifestations in trend-setting stores this fall. What an incredible and delightful surprise to see chess tables as hot décor pieces! Featured at Bergdorf Goodman (see their amazing crystal playing pieces) and Barney's (their Lucite sets are making waves), these tables have been structured and improved by time and trend to fit beautifully into a home space.

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     This fall, I'm also pleased to see black and white as a design trend. One I've utilized myself, this Chanel-like basic never seems to go out of style. I never tire of seeing new and beautiful alterations on the theme. This season, expect to see vibrant designs in this classic combination on pillows and vases that will delight and amaze.
     Also fun is the reintroduction of plaid that we'll see being used this fall in a chimerical way on sofas and table-skirts. Functional, yet playful, plaid will keep this year's trends youthful and visionary and may prove to be an interesting partner to the repurposed wood and natural pieces showing up in many design studios this fall.