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Star-Crossed Jonathan Adler's glamorous-yet-modern, brand-new furniture collection by Rowe pays a star-studded tribute to Hollywood. Each of six upholstered groups debuting this market takes its name from a style-savvy movie icon, such as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate and Eve Harrington from All About Eve. Here, the retro-chic Woodhouse Sofa (inspired by Mia Farrow's character, Rosemary Woodhouse, in Rosemary's Baby), is influenced by Palm Beach Regency architecture from the '60s and plays down its formal sensibility with groovy Greek key-patterned shantung in kiwi. "I like to create designs that refer to the past but feel very modern," said Adler, noting that he referenced favorite designers, paring down the lines and adding fun, luscious colors and fabrics. "Everything looks fresh and familiar at the same time." For more information, log on to
The Good Life(Style) Metal designer Michael Aram takes the first step toward a complete lifestyle presentation with the addition of a ceramic tabletop collection. Two distinct offerings, Lotus Pond and Forest Leaf, present a "whimsical study of leaves as vessels for food and drink," according to Aram. Whisper-light, hand-carved veins branch across the pristine white designs, achieving an enhanced version of organic purity. "I want people to have the ability to play and invent with my pieces," Aram explained, "and to express their own creativity with my designs." In the next year, Aram's sculptural yet refreshingly earthy quality will translate to bed and bath, furniture, stemware and even jewelry. Prices range from $15 to $110. eLink 744

 Fashion-Forward ANK, a fashion embroidery company known for its exquisite embellishments for Oscar de la Renta and the like, launches its new home division Ankasa with the same precision to detail. Debuting this month, the elegant pillows and bedding showcase elaborately executed handiwork that ornaments in uncommon style. Overall, the collection ranges from contemporary to kitsch (think whimsical coral- and shell-embellished pillows), while honing in on its obvious fashion roots. Timely designs like mother-of-pearl and crystal-encrusted linen serve as a stylized counterpoint to more masculine-influenced looks like croc-stamped leather and Italian raffia. Suggested retail prices range from $160 to $960. eLink 745

 Environmental Concerns Gus Klein, owner of Garner Franklin Klein, shares two goals for his candle and home fragrance business. Goal No. 1 is that eventually his products will be made of reclaimed wood, so he can put back into the environment what he takes out, and two, to infuse a designer spirit into the business of candle-making, introducing designs each season following the patterns of fashion. Currently, the stylish, reusable containers that house his candles promote the idea of recycling with ease. Guaranteed to be a favorite fashion find, Klein's newest chic containers feature self-designed, bold, splashy patterns (almost like very cool wallpaper) stamped on porcelain that are not likely to be thrown away. Plus, each porcelain design comes with a recipe for chocolate soufflé, which can be cooked in the container (once the candle is burned out, of course). Prices range from $14 to $44; Klein donates to Trees for the Future, an organization that plants trees in Third World countries. eLink 747


   Snake Bite The Snake Skin Rug from Asha Carpets plays with innovative weaving techniques and varying light and dark shades to achieve an unusually realistic design, surprising in its intensity and lifelike allure. Merging art and craft, other introductions in this grouping include Shimmer, Tear Drop and Tron. "Our goal is to produce designs that have a lasting impact," Asha founder Joanna Michalowicz said. "They are unique works of art that acknowledge both the styles and patterns of varying world cultures, as well as those born of the personal contemporary vision of our artists." Pieces range from $6,000 to $9,000 for an 8×10 handknotted and $3,500 to $5,500 for an 8×10 flatweave. eLink 748

 Lofty Goals Aimed at the young professional market, the new Modern line from soft goods vendor Mario & Marielena hits on a sleek, contemporary vibe with its graphic, appealing prints and color-laden approach. "The Modern line is very contemporary, perfect for the high-rise apartment and loft-living lifestyles," said Mario Morales, president and CEO. "Focusing on sophisticated colors and patterns, we've created a product line that really fits the young professional market. It's very hip, with a designer chic sense of style." eLink 746  

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