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Tracy BullaAs 2013 draws to a close, it's time to explore what lies in store for the coming year. Sherwin-Williams has unveiled its Color Forecast 2014, which groups 38 key colors into four individual palettes.
   Reasoned, the first palette, explores the importance of math and science in the global race to acquire knowledge, by way of geometry and 3D printing. Inspired by shadows, negative space and tone-on-tone layering, key colors include Crushed Ice, Classic French Gray and Peppercorn.
     Diaphanous, a delicate and translucent palette, evokes tranquility, serenity and escape. Sheer, quiet and simplistic, Diaphanous embodies elegance and balance. The light, dreamy aesthetic of this palette is revealed through shades like Spun Sugar, Fleur de Sel and Malted Milk.Tracy Bulla
     Driven largely by science and geology, the Curiosity palette draws from mined minerals, metals and raw gems as well as nature at the most molecular level. Mad science meets fantasy in this dark and exotic color story, exhibited in hues such as Sealskin, Enigma, Blue Peacock and Quixotic Plum.
   The Intrinsic palette embraces and preserves tradition and culture from around the world, while allowing new influences. Earthy and folkloric, the colorful nature of Intrinsic gives rise to a new bohemian aesthetic expressed in Ablaze, Capri, Ceremonial Gold and Ramie.

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