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Majestic Mirror debuts first collection of wall art

Majestic’s new wall décor offeringsMajestic’s new wall décor offerings include this threedimensional, mixed-media design, measuring 40x40 inches.
Majestic mirror & frame has expanded beyond its mirror collections to offer a line of three dimensional wall art.
     "We just felt like it was a natural progression for our line to offer for our existing customers a new product," said company president Josh Mandel. "They are all dimensional - we're not doing anything along the lines of prints behind glass. It's dimensional with mixed media, including molded glass, bent metal and more."
     The new line comprises 75 designs. The sizes range from a 16-inch square to a 60x80-inch showcase piece. Retail prices range from $79 to $299.
     "We found a factory that can do unique artwork - things you don't see in the marketplace," said Stephen Becker, vice president of sales. "And it helps out a lot of the independent dealers where they can buy mirrors and art from us, rather than having to use multiple vendors."
     "And also, the larger customers that are buying direct containers can buy mixed containers now," Mandel added.
     He called the response at market "exceptional," and said it was hard to identify any best-sellers because many of the pieces were so well-received.
     "It was great to hear - the customers all liked different things and they loved the art pieces," he said. "It really showed that we are in the mirror and art business now."
     The move also attracted new customers to the showroom, including "more than a handful" of large accounts and many designers and independents, Becker said. "People were drawn in by the wow factor. This was our launch to show that we're in the art business now, and people were really excited - we had people come in just to see the art."
     Going forward, the company plans to continue to introduce wall art designs, with the next major launch slated for the fall High Point show. "Business is really good for us, so it's allowed us to be in growth mode," Becker said, adding that the company hopes to expand its High Point showroom to better showcase the new lines, as well as the mirrors that Majestic has long been known for. "Not only are we growing in terms of new product, we're going to be growing into a new space. We're going to be doing a lot of new things."

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