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Melrose International launches online product reviews

QUINCY, Ill. - Melrose International announced it is adding product reviews and ratings to its e-commerce website to give online shoppers the ability to see what other businesses recommend, along with pros and cons, for each product.

"Online shopping has proven successful with a growing percentage of our customer base, but some customers are still leery of buying merchandise online for a few reasons," said Brad Gullion, vice president of sales and marketing. One thing we consistently hear from those customers is that they can't see and feel the product in person. While this feature doesn't give them that ability, it does give them input from others who have not only seen and felt the product, but have sold the product in their store."

To complete a review, customers provide a star-rating from zero to five and have the option to give specific pros, cons and best uses for each item. Additionally, reviewers can post a picture of the product and make an ultimate "I would/would not recommend this product to a friend" statement.

The introduction of product reviews on the company's website is the latest in a series of initiatives to give customers more online tools to help them run their businesses more effectively. In the second quarter of 2011 Melrose did a complete overhaul of their old website, launching the new site in June of 2011. In the second half of the year Melrose saw a 80-100% increase across the board on site traffic, page views, and overall online sales.

Over the next few weeks customers will be encouraged to visit to read reviews and rate product that they have purchased from the company in the past.