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Tracy BullaTracy Bulla
I hate to say goodbye to summer, but the whirlwind tour of summer shows brought - as always - plenty of pretty things to love! As we head into fall, the design mood is effortless, elegant and literally, lighter. Both natural elements and colorways - think white, cream and beige - set the tone for clean, refreshing style that is just right. Here, a look at the top 10 trends for the season.

Geometric Prints - Look for bold, brilliantly hued link, lattice, flame stitch, chevron and more to stand out

One of a Kind - Handmade, artisan designs -- think hand-blown glass and original art -- come into their own this season

Metallic - Directional on nontraditional surfaces, such as linen and cowhide, but found on all designs for the home

Jewels - Crystals and semi-precious stones like turquoise, quartz and chalcedony luxe up even the simplest of designs

Damask - Updated renderings bring new life to this timeless traditional print

Lavender - Subdued hues of purple, such as lilac and aubergine, offer a refreshing sense of elegance

Natural Elements - Straw, rattan, jute, burlap and sustainable woods underscore the clean appeal of the organic movement

Fish Motifs - With a continued presence of the ocean variety, lake dwellers make a big splash

Light Finishes - White lacquer and pale natural wood finishes lighten up the overall mood

Accent Colors - Bold pops of orange, citron, turquoise and peacock accentuate a pale, neutral hued landscape

Can't wait to see you in High Point!

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