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Re-invented G.E.A.R. new in Atlanta this week

Alabama-based Re-Invention, a socially responsible sales and marketing group, is launching G.E.A.R., a line of re-invented and recycled home furnishings this week in the Southern Accessories Today showroom.

Re-Invention supports social enterprises that provide employment based solutions. G.E.A.R., acronym for Go Everyone, Everywhere And Re-Invent, is the inspiration and creation of  single mom Kellie Guthrie who said the company's goal is to "create sustainable prosperity in our own community by designing and hiring from within it." G.E.A.R.'s goods are produced locally and employ single mothers.

Handmade pillows in the line are made from coffee bean sacks, backed with cotton calico prints and vintage luxury fabrics.

Guthrie said the "up-cycled" coffee bean sacks represent the mission and passion of Re-Invention. "G.E.A.R. is the embodiment of what we desire to see for people whose lives have been affected by poverty and the forms of exploitation it brings," she said.

The sacks used in the designs come to R-I rough and worn but are transformed in the hands of the artisans. "This is the message we want to convey with G.E.A.R.," Guthrie said. "That beauty can regain its place in the lives of people whose circumstances have given them every reason to believe otherwise, and this is our heart."

Southern Accessories Today's showroom is in Building 1, 12-A-2.