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  • Susan Dickenson

Portrait: Glassisimo

Hans and Hein Wulfert, designing engineers

Glassisimo is a high-end designer and manufacturer of furniture made from industrial-grade glass. Founded by brothers Hans and Hein Wulfert, the company is based in Guadalajara, Mexico, where the Wulferts, as teenagers, honed their Glassisimo, Hein and Hans Wulfertskills working summers in their father's architectural glass factory.

Their knowledge of glass working, combined with degrees in industrial engineering and a shared passion for design, led to the launch of Glassisimo, a growing collection of accent furniture, accessories, dining room tables, mirrors and office furniture.

Following a successful High Point Market in October, the brothers signed a three-year lease with World Market Center. They will be making their Las Vegas Market debut this month on the fourth floor of Building C (C-466).

What can you tell me about working with this type of glass? Glass is a very complex material. There are a lot of companies doing things with fusion glass, and a lot of people that bend glass, but that is more handcrafted. We are different in that we use architectural, industrial-grade glass. There is a big difference between industrial glass and handcrafted glass. Tempered glass is so hard you could hit it with a bat and it wouldn't break. I can literally stand on top of our dining table and jump up and down.

Glass has so many positive properties - it's eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and, like stainless steel, it's hygenic. The transparency makes small spaces look bigger, and the applications for glass in accent furniture and home décor are very unique. In addition to clear, we offer nine different colors and three special edition colors: black, white, red, gray, turquoise, aqua, orange, dark brown, beige, antique, mirror and gold. We also combine glass with other materials like wood and Glassisimoupholstery, and we have a line that integrates stainless steel frames.

Where does your unique design perspective come from? Our father worked for German-based Siemens engineering, first in Germany and later in Mexico, eventually leaving to start his own business. He owns a factory that basically uses glass technology to build glass structures, facades and skyscraper windows. We worked summers in the factory and then would go to Europe to visit our grandparents - not just to Germany but also France, Spain, etc. Our mother loved history and art, so we went to a lot of museums and developed a passion for art and science.

Traveling is the best education. It opens your mind and your perspective as to what exists that is different from your way of life. By traveling we developed our design tastes, and by studying engineering, we developed the techniques we needed to produce.