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Brooke Brown
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  • Why it pays to ask better questions

    Your best business solutions and worst headaches stem from whether you are asking good questions. The best questions — those that position your company for success — dig deep, aren’t always easy, and may elicit unexpected responses. To that, I remind you of George Addair’s inspirational quote that you see everywhere these days: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” You want clarity. You want efficiency. You want growth. You want solutions. Well, then, ask the hard questions. Here are a few strategies: Start with the basics Organizational leadership guru Simon Sinek states, “All organizations start with ... Read More
  • You get out what you Pod in

    Life, and business, pulls us in many different directions. The conversations we find ourselves in have an equal chance of being delightful or dreadful. We keep up with current events, pop culture and industry news in hopes of having something meaningful to contribute to whatever small talk comes our way. Personally, I love resources that help me develop as a person and a professional, but who has the time to read every article and dig though the noise? Allow me to introduce you to the world of podcasts. In order to expose myself to the wisdom of industry leaders, innovators ... Read More