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Thos. Moser designs seats for Jet Blue at JFK

November 11, 2008

Thos. Moser was recently commissioned to create the seat component of the interactive table designs for the new Jet Blue Terminal at the John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.  The furniture maker worked with New York based design firm ICRAVE and OTG Management, the terminal’s food service operators, to design and install the Re:vive tables and Velocity Bar stools where Jet Blue passengers can sit, use their computers and order food via an individual touch screen at each seating station.


“We were looking for a seat molded for comfort and size and for universal body types that would not swivel,” said Lionel Ohayon, founder of ICRAVE.  “Because of schedule constraints, it became clear that we had to find a source that could manufacture a pre-designed seat in about five weeks.  We were lucky to quickly locate Thos. Moser’s tractor style seat, which was not only beautiful, but also met all of the operational requirements.”


Also make sure you check out the Jet Blue Terminal website. T5, as it’s called, is the iconic Saarinen-designed gull wing-shaped building that was slated for destruction in 2001. Jet Blue saved at least part of the original structure and built its terminal around it. T5 is what the future used to look like. (The future here in the US is a bit grim, for architecture, that is.)