Dynamic Living

June 30, 2008

One sign we may actually be entering the 21st century — so far I’ve seen little evidence of the much heralded century — is Dynamic Tower, an 80 story skyscraper with floors that independently rotate. Each floor is prefabricated, rotated by wind turbines, and will sell for some $3,000 a square foot. Sheesh! At that price it better zip about. You won’t be surprised to learn that this ambitious project will be located in Dubai (see Sustainable Oasis). Though there are other Dynamic Towers in the works: the next being for the Moscow skyline, with plans for New York on the horizon. But I keep wondering if we won’t see an epidemic of vertigo among the very rich. Maybe I’ll buy stock in Dramamine before the word gets out.


Make sure you marvel at this moving mcmansion – it’s very mmm…cool.