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Silk Route

January 5, 2010

Upper South Studio has introduced The Priory Project, a new collection of luxury silks evolved from 17th century sources. The Priory Project is the company’s first residential fabric collection and features sumptuous silks crafted by hand. The silks invoke antiquarian patinas, ecclesiastical motifs, the bubbles and fissures of Venetian glass, and the cracks and blisters of Sung dynasty ceramic glazes.


“The Priory Project started as an exploration into the world of printmaking,” said founder Laurence Rosen. “I was fascinated by antiquities and spent time traveling to Peloponnese in southern Greece to view private collections and small regional repositories of artifacts. Many of the objects were chipped and missing pieces. They also were often barely visible behind dusty glass cabinets and hidden in unlit back rooms. I tried to capture this perspective of imperfect beauty in The Priory Project designs.”