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Clearly Not The Bombay Company

November 18, 2008

Back in the day I had this coolio mushroom-shaped acrylic lamp (it matched my orange denin blazer with the contrasting stiching) that made my knotty pine-panelled bedroom look like the inside of a giant pumpkin. I was a terribly hip child. But I digress.

Like everybody else, I went through several decades with the intention of keeping anything acrylic relegated to a tragically naive past. But recently I got over it. Maybe I really was terribly hip, or at least my mom was for buying that lamp on one of her many excursions to K-Mart or Sky City. (I grew up in High Point, remember?)

Acrylic products today are luckily a world away from the knotty pine world of my sparkling childhood. Spectrum West, for example, creates lots of cool accent furniture and accessories, below. Got to their site and check out the clear acrylic beds — they are something to behold.