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Eight Ways To Build A Better House When They Start Building Houses Again

November 21, 2008

Here’s a great little article about the future of home building from Treehugger:


Eight Ways to Build a Better House when They Start Building Houses Again

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto


James Russell, architecture critic for Bloomberg, should have been at the Re-Imagining Cities: Urban Design after the age of Oil conference last week, because he certainly has the right idea. He concurs with this writer that the solutions for building in a world with expensive oil won’t be high tech but simple and logical, things we have known for centuries and have just ignored. He writes:


Americans finally may have understood the relationship of oil supply and demand. If you want fuel to be cheap, you have to use less of it. For all the talk of achieving energy independence through drilling, solar or wind, it’s conservation — even without a concerted, coordinated national effort — that has proven to be the quickest route.


That’s why green-design efforts won’t stop, especially in the heating-oil dependent Northeast. 

Read the article here.

The photo above isn’t actually a house but the Prairie Ridge Eco Station, a project by Frank Harmon (one of my college professors) and his studio in Raleigh NC. I think it would make a perfect house.