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Love Bugs

August 11, 2009

Pheromone:  The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley, published by 
Pomegranate Communications, brings rare specimens to life in intense, 
jewel-like formations. Magnified in an oversized, elegant format, the 
stunningly photographed book provides an eye-popping entree into the bug world.

Marley’s early fear of bugs eventually turned to fascination, leading him to travel the
world in search of exotic specimens for his art. Both arresting and vibrant at 
once, the colors in Pheromone are entirely natural and do not rely on color 
enhancement, digital replication or other computer techniques. 

After flipping through 170 brilliant close-ups, I’m still afraid of bugs but also find
them to be breathtakingly beautiful. 

Be sure to check out Christopher Marley’s different but equally dazzling crystal 
specimens and mineral studies artwork, featured in our April issue.