Susan Dickenson

Top Home Accent Trends at the Las Vegas Market

February 11, 2009



Hot Hot Hot  Super-saturated combinations of hot pink and orange captivate with bold allure


Cool Combo  Equally disarming, turquoise and lime pairings steal the show with a cooler, yet equally sumptuous, effect


French Flavor  French-inspired designs reign from the court of Louis to ultra-hip mid-century looks


Age of Antiquity  Classical motifs like busts and urns give a nod to the power of timeless style


Mock Croc  Crocodile-embossed designs add instant chic to furniture, lamps, candles and more, ramped up with sexy stud and chrome treatments


Locked In  Greek key designs create a winning look this season with updated classical flair


Buddha Best  Assorted deities and ancient warriors spring up with amazing force, paying tribute to the mystique of the East


Exotic Escape  The latest trends wind an intriguing path through Morocco, India and Southeast Asia, spotlighting handcrafted offerings such as Suzani and ikat designs


Elephant Walk  These charming creatures popped up all around, lending a whimsical element to the exotic trend


Coral Power  Did it ever go away? We’re not sure, but coral emerges from the sea once again with amazing style