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Susan Dickenson

Organic Chic & Extreme Green retailers: Dwell Home Furnishings, Bravado Home & Design, Structured Green

September 17, 2009

The beautiful vignette on the cover of this month’s issue (photographed by Mark Tade) is from Iowa retailer Dwell Home Furnishings, one of two "Organic Chic" stores profiled in this month’s issue that naturalize their merchandise settings with unfinished, reclaimed and organic products and finds. (click here to read about Dwell)

Also profiled is Bravado Home & Design of Portland, Oregon, a 2010 ART Award nominee in the category of rising star retailer. Both Dwell and Bravado were named to Home Accents Today’s Retail Stars list this year. (click here to read about Bravado)

And I couldn’t resist checking in with the extremely green retailer profiled in last September’s issue, Structured Green of Savannah, Ga., to see if a year of living without air conditioning and heat might have prompted owner Mike Ayres to readjust the size of his carbon footprints. Nope. Ayres is greener than ever, and has taken his business in a new direction as a manufacturer of sustainable furnishings. For the update on Structured Green, click here.