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Susan Dickenson

GE to debut 'covered' CFL spiral bulb

December 19, 2008

GE is debuting a new covered compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb, with the spiral encased inside the glass, at Target stores nationwide on Dec. 28th, and at selected Ace Hardware stores in January. The new GE Spiral CFL is an exclusive design in which the electronics for the GE Energy Smart (CFL) bulb fit in the neck of the bulb so that the profile is virtually identical to a standard incandescent light bulb. GE has protected the design with more than a dozen U.S. patent applications. The covered spiral bulb will be available around Earth Day (April 22, 2009) at more retailers, including Sam’s Club and Walmart. A video with more info on the incandescent-shaped CFL bulb can be viewed at: