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Susan Dickenson

N.C. legislators consider changing NCDOR's sales and use tax for services, including interior design

May 29, 2008

May 29 - A bill that could reverse the The N.C. Department of Revenue’s decision requiring interior designers to pay sales taxes on their services is headed out of the Senate Finance Committee and into the full Senate for consideration. Members of the Finance Committee heard this week from a variety of business owners including interior designers, bakers and a cabinet accessory maker, who said they’d been treated unfairly by the North Carolina Department of Revenue. The business owners said that conflicting information they’ve received from the Department regarding the collection of sales and use taxes has resulted in bills running in the tens of thousands of dollars for uncollected back taxes. The Finance Committee also approved a measure Wednesday designed to make the sales tax law clearer for interior designers. High Point Market Authority President Brian Casey also spoke on behalf of the interior designers, a group that represented about 30% of registrants at the Spring High Point Market. Click HERE to read Mark Binker’s full story in today’s Greensboro News & Record