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Susan Dickenson

Colburn Sassaman opens; ABC's Art Deco Rugs; New Winterthur exhibit

February 6, 2008

Los Angeles interior designer Nicole Sassaman has joined forces with Shannon Colburn to launch Colburn Sassaman, a new home accessories and furniture store in the heart of Los Angeles. Formerly Colburn Schwartz, the retailer has been a staple outlet for some of the country’s most famous and respected interior designers and artists for more than a decade. Colburn Sassaman is also the flagship and exclusive retail outlet for Nicole Sassaman’s acclaimed line of earth-friendly bath accessories and her latest venture, a line of home furnishings.

ABC Carpet and Home has compiled an extensive collection of rare Chinese Art Deco rugs (photo, left) in celebration of the Chinese New Year.  “One rug has the strength to anchor an entire room,” said Graham Head, Vice Chairman of ABC Carpet. Chinese Art Deco rugs originate from the 1920’s and the 1930’s. They are handcrafted of premium wool that was carefully selected for resiliency and quality. The Chinese Art Deco collection is now available at ABC Carpet and Home. For limited time, ABC is offering 20-50% off the collection, Feb. 8-24.

Winterthur, Delaware — Visitors can step into the past and see images of Winterthur when it was the private home of Henry Francis du Pont and his family in Double Vision: 1930s Design at Winterthur.  This unique exhibition of stereographs, or three-dimensional images, taken in 1935 and 1938, reveals du Pont’s love of color and design. Du Pont’s commission of more than 300 stereo cards is one of the largest known of a private home. “Winterthur is not only a museum of American decorative arts, it is a museum of du Pont’s design,” said Maggie Lidz, Winterthur’s estate historian.  “These stereoviews were taken during du Pont’s most active period of collecting.  This was the first version of the rooms visitors now tour.” The exhibition is on view in conjunction with the second annual Chic It Up! Winterthur Design Conference, which will take place May 16-17 and will focus on American design in the 1930s.  In addition, visitors can take a special tour in the house to see what survives from the 1930s at Winterthur today and understand how the rooms have evolved over time