Tracy Bulla

Top Trends from the Summer Shows

October 1, 2013

With the days still warm, long and sunny, it's hard to imagine that fall is right around the corner. Here's a roundup of my favorite fall trends from the summer shows, infusing the largely modern landscape with a sparkling dash of wit.

Black and White The classically timeless combination engages with a fresh and modern livability

Lace New renditions of lace imbue contemporary, yet softly feminine appeal

Geometric Geometric patterns create a bold, contemporary effect, with hexagonal and octagonal forms in the spotlight

Tribal Look for exotic prints such as tie dye, ikat and batik to make a statement

Horn Horn motifs suit both the woodland tribal themes with equal ease

Folk Art Handcrafted, artisanal designs embrace
folkloric charm with a rustic primitive feel

Woodland Inspired by a European forest, minimal, clean designs give rise to a plethora of deer, rabbits and more

Wabi Sabi The beauty of naturally imperfect design shines this season, giving a nod to sublimely elegant modern style

Gold Gleaming golden finishes remain the metal of the moment, with rose gold and copper trending upward

Birds These perennial favorites incite revitalized interest in a multitude of applications

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