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Updating our social media profile

August 15, 2013
HAT Sulia

The world of social media is continuously evolving these days. In addition to powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter, we now have Pinterest, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat and a plethora of other sites designed to quench our thirst for online interaction.

The landscape is so vast that it can be difficult even for social media veterans like me - who were on Facebook back when only college students could join - to keep it all straight. But among these online innovations is a wealth of possibilities for businesses to utilize in connecting with customers.

One such platform that we recently learned about is Sulia, a subject-based network that filters posts by topic. The advantage of this format is that users can easily find posts about topics that interest them, and businesses can filter content to specific locations, rather than getting lost among the memes, cat videos and musings from old high school classmates on a chronological news feed.

Home Accents Today and a few of our sister publications in the Furniture Today Media Group (so far, Furniture Today and Casual Living) are giving Sulia's subject-based setup a shot, in hopes of connecting further with readers like you. There are channels about everything from politics to Breaking Bad, but we're primarily focusing on Furniture, Home & Design, Consumer & Retail and Business.

The site's layout blends elements of Pinterest and Twitter - it's conducive to sharing photos and videos, as well as text up to 2,500 characters. In terms of function, it operates almost like an RSS feed in the way it organizes content by topics of interest, but it also includes interactive elements.

Users can like or comment on posts, as well as "push" them to relevant channels and "trust" sources they find reliable. The number of "trusts" sources receive helps them achieve the title of "Expert" in a given field.

According to the site's About page, "Sulia's subject-based structure of social channels connects trusted sources and enthusiasts on shared interests across thousands of subjects, including breaking news and events. How?

"We use a combination of network managers and sophisticated algorithms to identify the best-regarded sources across thousands of topics. We then dynamically filter content from those sources, regardless of where it's created (a blog, a social network, a media site, through Sulia's publishing system, etc.), into high-quality, realtime social channels. The result is streams of timely content from trusted sources that is always on-topic, readable, and relevant."

It's not a behemoth like Facebook or Twitter yet, but Sulia's star seems to be rising. Technology resource Mashable called Sulia "the hottest social network you've never heard of." In July, the company reported raising an additional $4 million to $5 million in capital from investors as it hit 10 million unique monthly visitors 18 months after launching.

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