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Retail Update

  • Dining


  • The Architect's Eye

    Architects have long been at the top of the list when it comes to noteworthy furniture design. For market, many introductions have architectural elements incorporated into the form, perhaps creating contemporary icons for a new generation of consumer. More

  • Whites & Lights


  • Whites & Lights

    White is classic, but sometimes viewed as seasonal in the fashion industry and as high-maintenance in home furnishings. No more. Just as the runway has embraced white as a year-round attire option, furniture manufacturers are providing white choices that fit with a variety of décors. More

  • Swoop De Do

    Curves are sexy, and upholstery suppliers are adding sex appeal to market introductions with sensuous swoops. Just try to look and not touch. More

  • Soft Header

    Contemporary forms remain increasingly popular. But to curry favor with consumers, many shapes have soft edges and materials that provide a bridge between hard edged contemporary and traditional forms. More

  • Vintage European

    Who doesn’t like the idea of a European hideaway, filled with vintage furniture finds discovered in out-of-the-way shops? Acting as warm complements to modern angles, European-inspired introductions provide instant eclectic design options for contemporary interiors. More

  • Nordic Nod

    Crisp and clean and defined by cool, subdued tones, the Scandinavian influence remains strong in showrooms. Modern by form and simple by hue, the Nordic aesthetic remains popular with an assortment of design palettes. More

  • Rustic Elegance

    The American West has inspired many types of furniture. The blend of weathered wood tone finishes and materials such as pine and acacia let consumers bring this regional look into their homes. More

  • Industrial Chic

    Metal and wood in natural wire brushed finishes are seen in a variety of minimalistic forms that offer plenty of appeal for town and country dwellers alike. Call it simplicity with style. More