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Product, styles & emerging trends

A look at the latest product, styles and emerging trends including color forecasts for the home accents industry.
  • Designing for smaller-scale living

    It’s something the industry has buzzed about anecdotally for a while now – the trend of more Americans, particularly young adults, flocking to the nation’s cities. Living in smaller dwellings at the heart of urban areas brings with it the need for smaller-scale furnishings and a fresh design approach. A 2015 study by Luke J. Juday, a research and policy analyst for the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center Demographics Research Group, quantifies this phenomenon by examining demographic shifts in U.S. metropolitan areas since 1990. At the heart of Juday’s study, “The Changing Shape of American ... More

  • Design Today: Influence of interior designers is on the rise

    Design Today Summer 2015

    "Everyone knows that we’re in the era of the designer."  So said a long-time furniture industry veteran at the April High Point Market, and many manufacturers and dealers agree. More

  • Boomers, Millennials are more similar than you think

    One group is just entering adulthood, establishing careers and starting families. The other is seeing their children leave the nest, and some are retiring. One is fast becoming an influential consumer base; the other, according to data from Nielsen, still controls about 70% of disposable income. Millennials and Baby Boomers certainly have their differences – different life stages, different experiences, different characteristics – and they appeal to marketers for different reasons. But they have their similarities, too. And while much coverage of generational dynamics pits Boomers and Millennials against one another in an “us versus them” sort of way, the two groups ... More

  • Consumer Buying Trends for 2015

    Consumer Buying Trends

    More than 11.6 million U.S. households bought a lamp in 2014; 11.3 million bought framed art; and nearly 11 million purchased a 5' x 8' area rug last year, according to the top-line findings from Home Accents Today's 2015 Consumer Buying Trends Survey. More

  • Five color trends for the year ahead

    For the past three years, I’ve undertaken the task of spearheading Home Accents Today’s annual color forecast, and it’s a project I thoroughly enjoy. I’m fascinated by color’s place in the design world, why product designers make the color selections they do and how trending colors reflect our society at a given time. For each forecast I consult several color experts about their projections for the year ahead, and my fellow editors and I consider each expert’s input as we narrow down the four key looks we think will be most prevalent. But these ... More

  • Dallas Market Center, Sherwin-Williams host Dine + Design event

    Dallas Market Center, in partnership with Sherwin-Williams, will host designers and design industry professionals for the biannual Dine + Design education and networking luncheon, “Singing the Blues,” on Thursday, April 30. More

  • See what’s trending for 2016 with HAT’s latest color forecast

    We may only be a few months into 2015, but it’s not too early to start looking ahead to 2016. Home Accents Today’s 2016 color forecast, sponsored by Surya, is now available to download for free for a limited time. This year, we consulted color experts at Pantone, The Trend Curve, The Color Association, Sherwin-Williams and Cotton Inc. about their color predictions for the year ahead, and based on their feedback we narrowed down our list to the four key looks we think will be most prevalent. The overarching theme for our 2016 forecast is Chaos Theory, as ... More

  • How well do you see color?

    Last week I blogged about The Dress, that mysterious article of clothing that went viral because an oddly-lit photo of it had some people seeing black and blue and others seeing white and gold. In addition to igniting heated debates across the internet, the dress also sparked a lot of intriguing discussion about how people perceive color. From a design perspective, even the most subtle differences in color perception fascinate me. As it turns out, X-Rite, the parent company of color authority Pantone, has a nifty online test to help you determine your color acuity. The test features four rows ... More

  • Pantone reveals 2016 color trends for interiors

    Pantone View Home + Interiors 2016

    Pantone Color Institute unveiled its annual trend forecast for interiors during this week’s International Home & Housewares Show. More

  • The great dress debate and our perception of color

    Unless you’ve stayed away from the internet for the past several days, odds are you know all about The Dress. You’ve seen it. You’ve weighed in on its mysterious color changing abilities. You might even be sick of it by now. But I for one am still completely fascinated by it, or more specifically, I’m fascinated by the fact that people see the colors in this photo in such drastically different ways. After all, the colorway of a particular home décor product is a conscious choice made by the designer – so what does all this ... More

  • Pantone unveils Fashion Color Report Fall 2015

    Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2015

    Pantone Color Institute has revealed its Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2015, a comprehensive overview of designers’ use of color in their upcoming collections. More

  • Ethan Allen provides furniture, décor for HGTV Dream Home

    Ethan Allen Dream Home 2015

    Ethan Allen is the primary source of furniture and décor for the HGTV Dream Home 2015, marking the ninth consecutive year of partnership between Ethan Allen and HGTV’s signature design showcase. More

Sketchbook: Tantalizing Texture


A marvelous mélange of earthy, begging-to-be-touched materials with hammered, chiseled and faceted metals, sophisticated textural applications stand out this season with show-stopping style. See the photos